Organic products in compliance with the EC-Regulation

Hamza for Advanced Agriculture Farm
ls entiUed to produce organic products in compliance with the EC-Regulation No. 834/07. and EC Reg.889/08.

Hamza for Advanced Agriculture Fann has signed as Organic fann according to EC Reg No. 834/07 and EC Reg.889/08, and finished the application procedure and the Inspection for Organic as a Producer for Agriculture Products.
This statement is valid until the admission of the (organic Certificate)


“GLOB LG .. P. Ge enll Regulations IFA ers. 4.0-2 – Mar 2013
Option 1 – Individual Producer

Suolo e Salute Srt (cod. IT-BI0-004)

Certifies that SUolo e Salute Sri (cod. rr-BI0-004) certifica che l’azlenda